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School Field Trips: How Teachers Can Plan a Comfortable and Safe Field Trip

A field trip is a great opportunity for kids to get out of the classroom and learn in a more thrilling and fun environment. …But what about the teachers?

It is fun for the kids, but planning a fieldtrip can be a nightmare on teachers.

Arrangements, scheduling a bus rental, prepackaged lunches, and signed parent slips can be a hassle. So how do plan a fun fieldtrip while still ensuring the comfort and safety of the children?

Designate Meeting Times

Whether you all meet at the venue separately or use an event bus rental, it is important to schedule designated meeting times throughout the day. Don't lose them along the way! Meetings provide an opportunity to check in and do a head-count of the students.

Buddy System

It does not matter if you are dealing with sixth graders or seniors, it is always important to use the buddy system. Even if you are visiting a familiar location, it is crucial to implement the buddy system to ensure the safety of the students.

Group Attire

Venues like zoos and parks can have large groups of visitors. Keep your students together with matching shirts, hats, or other pieces of attire that stands out in a crowd. This also lets venue staff stay aware as well.


Not all schools provide transportation for school field trips. If your school does not provide public transportation services for your field trip, consider the benefits of a shuttle bus rental. Why risk having parents drop children off at the wrong place or the wrong time? Get everyone there at once with a bus rental with Quality Assurance Travel.

You have the event mostly planned. Each student has a pre-assigned buddy, matching neon-orange class shirts, and a print-off of scheduled meeting times. So how do you get them all there? Quality Assurance Travel has the right shuttle bus rental services for you!

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