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Bus Charters: How You Get There

Where are you going? How will you get there? Who will bring you there?

Wherever you and your friends, employees, guests or co-workers need to go in the Bay Area—a concert, baseball game, convention or casino, to the airport, a party or sports stadium—the bus charters of Quality Assurance Travel will get you there directly, safely and comfortably.

Experience the easiest, most reliable, most comfortable and safest way to charter a bus in the Greater Bay Area!

We are your total charter bus transportation solution, serving groups of all sizes and interests—in comfort and style.

At Quality Assurance Travel, YOU come first.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers. So whether you’re riding with us or making bus charter arrangements for your family, friends, sports team or business associates, we promise you safe and dependable service.

What’s more—

we eliminate the hassle and guesswork out of bus chartering. Maybe that’s why thousands of Bay Area businesses, groups and individuals choose Quality Assurance Travel every year for their charter bus needs.

Every event is special—to you and to us.

Whether you call on us to transport your group by bus from the airport to the hotel or just to and from your company’s gala celebration, Quality Assurance Travel has the know-how to handle all your precise event needs. We’ll even make suggestions if you need them and will give you services designed to fit your needs—and budget.

Family-owned + no brokering or subcontracting + luxury buses + best price around = the Quality Assurance Travel Bus Charter Difference!

Request a quote and make your reservation now (or you could be in for a bumpy ride).

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