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Q. How Much Does Renting a Bus Cost?

A. The cost to rent a bus varies based on the size coach you request, the start/end time and on some occasions, the location we are driving to.

Q. Is a mini bus able to travel long distances?

A. Minibuses can only travel within a 150 mile radius. Minibuses are not designed to travel long distances which make the ride not as comfortable for passengers over long trips.

Q. Do I need to find a hotel room for the driver?

A. This is correct, it is the customers responsibility to accommodate a room for the driver either at the hotel or within a 5 mile radius of the hotel you are staying at.

Q. Do your buses have televisions?

A. It depends on the size of the bus. our deluxe motorcoaches have between 4 and 6 monitors, while our minibuses average between 2-4 monitors.

Q. Are alcohol and/or smoking allowed on board?

A. It is illegal to smoke inside a charter bus in the state of California. Alcohol is allowed however there might be a charge depending on your group size.

Q. What if my bus is late or has a breakdown?

A. Quality Assurance Travel has a 24/7 immediate response line that can assist you in any scenario that may occur. You can reach this line at 408.885.1040 Option 3.

Q. Will my bus look like the one on your website?

A. Yes. Unlike bus brokers, who don’t actually own buses. Every bus you see on our website, we own and will not charter your event with another company logo or company name. We’re not bus brokers, We’re bus owners.

Reservation & Payment

Q. What is the booking process?

A. You can go about this two different ways, either by phone or online. simply request a quote stating your start date/time and your end date/time as well as your group size. Once you have given that information, One of our account executives will give you a price. Don’t forget to ask about the match/beat option!

Q. What type of deposit is required?

A. That depends on how far in advance you book your event. if it is two weeks before your trip, a 25% deposit is required, within 72 hours of your trip the rest of the payment will be processed.

Q. What is the cancellation policy?

A. If it is two weeks before your start date, There will be no charge. If it is within the two weeks, the minimum charge is $350. if it is within the 72 hours, it is the full amount.

Q. How can I pay?

A. You can either pay by cash, Credit Card, or Check. All of which is due BEFORE the trip.

Q. Is there a discount for renting more then one bus?

A. Discounts are always dependent on availability and time of year.

Q. What if my trip runs longer than expected?

A. When in the process of booking, you agree to a start and end time. if you exceed the end time you had signed on for, there will be an additional charge.

Q. Do I need to tip the driver?

A. That is entirely based on your experience with our driver.

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