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Amateur athletes aspire to carry the Olympic torch—and we were there!

Carrying the Olympic torch is a great honor. But did you ever wonder who carries the athletes who carry the torch?

In San Jose and the Bay Area, it’s Quality Assurance Travel, the bus charter company chosen to provide the bus transportation for the 2008 Gymnastics Championships.

The three-day international event in late March featured the top gymnasts from 14 countries, competing in the Olympic disciplines of men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline. It was a great event that required great bus transportation.

So why did USA Gymnastics choose Quality Assurance Travel for all of its bus charter needs?

Simply because QAT is known as the premier provider of charter bus transportation in the Bay Area.

When it comes to bus travel and athletic team bus charters, Quality Assurance Travel has proven time and again that safety and timeliness come first. And we appreciate what it takes to move athletes in comfort while sticking to a hectic schedule. From departure to arrival, we’re the most reliable bus charter company on the road.

The home team advantage

Not only do we know how to get athletes where they’re going safely, but in San Jose, Quality Assurance Travel is the home team so we know the quickest routes. Our bus charters drop the athletes right at the door and when the daily competition is over, our drivers are ready and waiting to whisk them back to their hotels. No confusion. No extra walking. No unnecessary waiting.

When the gymnasts arrived, we did back flips to get them to their destinations rested, relaxed and ready to shine.

The gymnasts demonstrated balance, strength, and agility…and so did we.

We transferred all the extraordinary competitors from the San Francisco and San Jose airports to their San Jose hotels. And during the three-day competition, the gymnasts were comfortably taken by bus from their hotels to two different event venues and back again with shuttle service available for 15 hours each day.

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