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At QAT, Bus Driving is Never Risky Business…

  • Family Owned and Operated Bus Charter Services
  • Family Owned and Operated Bus Charter Services
  • Family Owned and Operated Bus Charter Services

…because we have the know-how—and the tools—to get you to your destination safe and sound.

It’s a fact: Risky driving causes millions of needless accidents, serious injuries and deaths every year.

At Quality Assurance Travel, we refuse to be part of those statistics—so we and our bus drivers are doing something about it. And now we’ve installed DriveCams in all our coaches.

DriveCam is proven to reduce accidents and save lives by improving the way people drive. It combines sight and sound technology, program management, expert analysis and driver coaching to vastly reduce accidents and injuries. DriveCam’s approach is behavior-based. That means the system consistently reinforces good driving behaviors—and that translates to far more safe drivers on the road.

In fact, DriveCam is used by more than 70,000 commercial and government vehicles around the world. Visit for more information.

Other reasons that a ride on a Quality Assurance Travel bus coach is never risky business—

Safety starts with your bus driver.

Our bus drivers are top-notch professionals personally chosen for their reliability and dedication to customer service. So you’re ensured that you’re not just riding in luxury, you’re riding with the bus charter company that has critical safety tools in place.

Our maintenance program never stops…

To ensure our already outstanding safety record, we maintain our bus fleet in top operating condition by performing a rigorous preventative maintenance program:
  • Our own mechanics make sure our coaches are in perfect shape before they ever leave our garage.
  • Then our safety director inspects each and every vehicle to make sure nothing was missed.
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